House Design Philippines – Modern House Designs 2016

House Design Philippines – Modern House Designs 2016

House design is essential not only in providing shelter for the family but also in attaining a more comfortable living. Hence, the design process involves expertise and experience in order to exactly meet the unique requirements and high expectations of clients. So if you are currently planning to build you dream home with modern house designs Philippines, you’ve checked out the right website. Here, you will learn the latest home designs that you can consider in building your floor plan. The designs are created by professional architects and engineers based in the Philippines.


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When it comes to creating the best house plan, you need to pay attention even to the smallest detail. That way, you will know if you’re making the right decisions. But you can make sure that you’re on the right track with the help of a specialized home design Philippines partner. With an excellent home development company in the country, rest assured that you will get what you exactly need from your ideal home. The planning and construction surely requires expert people to start the project. And this is the perfect place to find answers in all your needs.

Essentials in Choosing Modern Home Designs

With various types of home designs available for homeowners in the Philippines, it’s important to consider all your options so you will have the best decision for this lifetime investment. And since the mostly used type of home design today is the modern design, make sure also that you pick the right materials for the construction of your house. So let’s understand what modern design really means. According to home construction experts, modern designing is actually simple yet distinct. And to be able to achieve such design, you will need to decide on the textures, interior and exterior color, and clean lines.

The small house design Philippines will give you a great selection of styles that matches your dream home. Whether you want a contemporary, post-modern, neo-colonial, neo-Mediterranean, neo-eclectic, neo-Victorian, neo-classical, art deco, craftsman, a-frame, French eclectic, or bungalow, the expert architects and engineers will provide you the details for a more informed decision. So, if you simply want to get this project started, don’t forget to consider some important factors that will be discusses below. You will learn some helpful tips to make the decision making process much easier and effective. Check out the following features and tips to guide you in the planning and designing process of your modern house:

  • The design – just like any other types of home designs, the overall design of modern homes are based on function. It also focuses on technology and minimalism that you will mostly see in a typical floor plan Philippines. With the help of advanced technology basically used in designing the areas of your house, every minute detail is well taken care of. Such styles may include stereotypical glass, steel, and concrete looks. Always ask your architect if you have questions because it will help them create the ultimate design you’ve been dreaming of.
  • The function – when modern houses are being designs, the function is initially considered to provide comfort and convenience. Of course, you need to know if you really need such design in the long run. Imagine your family when thinking about the design. Will they be comfortable in that kind of style? Then if yes, you can begin the design process with a reputable architect in the Philippines.
  • The colors – if you want the best interior design Philippines, you need to think of the colors well. Typically, modern homes have neutral colors and are accented with bright bold combinations of colors. Some choose pastel colors, but this is very rare among Filipino modern homes you see today. Whatever color you may choose, always decide on well-balanced and complementary ones for best results. The usual contemporary color palettes you can choose from include white and cobalt blue, lime green, gray and white, bright yellow, charcoal and white, slate, cobalt blue, and many other beautiful colors.
  • The lights – contemporary designs also use ideal lighting. Most of the structure provide almost translucent look. Hence, you can pick from dimmers, spotlights, wall lamps, up lights, pin lights, and other common lighting styles that modern homes usually have.
  • Patterns and textures – for those who want to achieve the perfect patterns and textures, they can use clean lines. The ideal choices you have include abstracts, geometric patterns, stripes, and solids. However, if you want to explore more adventurous designs, you can go for animal prints that are subtly applied on decorative accessories and rugs. But don’t use laces and ruffles because they will not complement your modern home design.
  • The windows – there are various window designs that will complement your home exterior design. For modern homes, window glasses are commonly used along with aluminum framings. To add some creativity, you can also use wood for your windows. Today, homes also explore the use of moldings for more appealing windows designs. However, it’s important to consider the kind of lighting that your houses needs. That way, you can decide on the size and style of your windows that matches the lighting type it needs.
  • Storage spaces – today, you will see unique storage spaces in modern Filipino home designs. These areas help in providing well organized space while properly keeping things in place. This avoids cluttering your home and having more space for more important needs. Storage rooms offer spaces for your important files, activities, clothes, hobbies, and others.
  • The spaces – open spaces are now common to homes here in the Philippines. In fact, crowded layouts are a big no-no to designers. Hence, you will mostly witness high ceilings and necessary furniture inside the house that complements the interior. Considering the right sizes of stuff you will put inside your home is indeed important.

With a little help from professionals and these practical tips, you are guaranteed to build a perfect home for your loved ones. Just don’t forget to check out this site for regular updates about modern homes in the Philippines.