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Contemporary Apartment in Bucharest for an Artistic Couple

By Cara Ander on September 12, 2016 in Architecture Studio3plu worked with the arti tic couple that own thi one-bedroom apartment in Buchare t, Romania to put... MORE

Leddy Maytum Stacy covers entire roof of Berkeley design centre with photovoltaics

US firm Leddy Maytum Stacy Architect ha completed an academic facilityon the Berkeley campu in California that i topped with an expan ive, overhanging canopy made up of olar... MORE

Brigitte Bardot’s Vacation Home Just Hit the Market

Boa ting two infinity pool and a vineyard, thi place i nothing hort of luxuriou BY DEVIN ALESSIO SEP 12, 2016 When Brigitte Bardot got... MORE

Lee Broom’s South London Flat Exemplifies His Design Vision

Share Broom claim to be a “terrible cook,” o the kitchen i par e and clinical Be ide the 1950’ indu trial German railway clock i an arched window, formerly... MORE

Photographer Raphael Olivier Explores the Suspended Reality of North Korea’s Socialist Architecture

Photographer Raphael Olivier Explore the Su pended Reality of North Korea’ Sociali t Architecture 09:30 - 8 September, 2016 by Marie Chatel Save thi article... MORE