When it comes to providing service, our priority is to meet our client’s needs and exceed their expectations. We aren’t surprised when clients challenge us if we can deliver the project on time and in quality condition. This actually motivates us to do well in every job we take. Our skills, expertise, and dedication drive us to always work better in every project that we take. And with the help of our past learning and experiences from our previous clients, we are able to deliver the following services on time and efficiently.


Skills & Expertise
Experience & Dedication

Architectural Designs & Construction

Choosing MG-Inthel for your architectural design and construction for both new buildings and renovations gives the client more control over the build.
The design-build combination provides clients with a single point of accountability. As a client, you will not have to coordinate with multiple professionals to get the job you want done. Our architects, engineers, and contractors work as a team, and as such can work together more efficiently when you need something changed or clarified. More importantly, no one passes the buck when something goes wrong. You only need to coordinate with your design builder, MG-Inthel, and they will handle the rest.

MG-Inthel’s architectural team are a dedicated lot, intent on providing only excellent designs and service to the client. They can handle everything, from a residential set-up to institutional design.

Our construction team is right up there as well, with the most experienced skilled workers in the industry right on top of each job. Together, they make an enviable design-build team you will only find with MG-Inthel.

Interior Designs & Construction

Many people forget that what is inside a building or home is often more important than the outside. Humans spend most of their indoors, so the space should be intuitively designed to meet functional as well as aesthetic requirements. MG-Inthel’s interior design-build projects teams can provide you with the best interior space you can ever hope for, space where you can relax and breathe, t a k e in natural light, and have the best view possible.

Interior design is all about making the most of the available space in the most beautiful and functional way possible. This is equally important for residential and commercial purposes. The client has but to detail the requirements for the space, and the MG-Inthel project teams will deliver it and more each and every time. MG-Inthel include some of the most innovative interior designers in the industry to spearhead the interior design-build, guiding experienced contractors on the execution. As a client, as long as you can imagine it, the teams can build it.

Signage Design & Fabrication

Signage design is very close to the forebears of MG-Inthel. You can expect only the best signage for your business when you sign on for the unbeatable signage design build team from MG-Inthel. They count some of the biggest players in the country among their clients, including Rustan’s, Manila Hotel, Devant, and IHOP. MG-Inthel can provide you with exterior, interior, directional, and merchandising signage. Whatever you need, they can deliver the best.

MG-Inthel personifies excellence in the design-build industries. With the combined years of experience in its professionals in architectural design, interior design, signage, and construction industries, you are assured of getting excellent results on time, every time. Get started with your awesome design-build projects today!